Bioshock Heavy Hitters In-depth

A few weeks ago, Irrational Games and 2K games brought us the first look of the new “Heavy Hitters” that you’ll encounter in this year’s Bioshock Infinite. So far four different types of Heavy Hitters have been announced, and it’s uncertain if there will be more. However, these enemies are far from the usual. Taking strange and twisted ideas, these enemies will have you under pressure. This broad range of enemies is Irrational Games solution to the Big Daddy seen in the other Bioshock installments. I will take you in-depth through the various looks and fighting styles that each enemy possess.

Heavy Hitter #1: Motorized Patriot

The Motorized Patriot is a freaky looking broken resemblance of George Washington. This resemblance gives the sensation that even you are not safe from the President, which are seen as our rulers. The Motorized Patriot wields the deadly Gatling called the Pepper Mill, that when beaten your character can actually pickup and use. The Motorized Patriot will stop at nothing and will come at you with an iron fist, (literately?) A neat feature is that when you attack and weaken him, his face plate may come off to reveal a creepy metal skull. Although he’s heavy and relentless, this Heavy Hitter is the simplest. He will just come at you, shooting you, involving little strategy but a lot of gun power.

Heavy Hitter #2: Handyman

First seen in the Bioshock Infinite announcement trailer, the Handyman has now made a full appearance then just his hand. A big robotic creature with a heart revealed through a glass window. The Handyman is simply a man who has been mutilated and transformed into this creature. However big, the Handyman is capable of leaping at distances. Although he uses no weapon, he is still a great threat. In fact, his body is his weapon. With the ability to charge at you or leap from a distance to pounce on you is striking. This destroyed sad mad gave that impression of what is he, who is he? Mystery is just what I get from the Handyman. Handyman actually attacks much like a primate. Agility for a giant creature is both terrifying and an ideal enemy. Prepare to be thrown from distances or thrown at, because the Handyman has the strength like no other.

Heavy Hitter #3: Boys of Silence

The Boys of Silence are the creepiest I’ve seen in Bioshock Infinite. Taking away his entire face, it’s hard not to try and imagine what could be underneath. The premise of this Heavy Hitter is that it can’t see you, but it can definitely hear you. You’ll be given options to either walk by it or attack it full on. But be aware, when attacking this Heavy Hitter can call for backup. The only thing I found uninteresting is that the body of this Heavy Hitter is uninteresting because it’s a regular human body. However, the noise that this thing makes will have you wishing you didn’t get it’s attention. I mean what’s more scary than fighting something with no face and likes to screech at your ears. That mouth, this thing just reminds me of the some psychotic murder trying to devour you. Truly the most creepiest, and probably the one you just don’t want to mess with.

Heavy Hitter #4: Siren

The Siren is the majestic Heavy Hitter. The Siren is the spiritual enemy that will raise the players enemies from the dead. She’s a ghost of a performer who raises the dead with her voice. Floating around, she is much like a ghost trying to kill you. The simple notion that she brings is who do you kill? Do you kill the guys that she brings up from the dead or do you kill her who brings them back? Take in mind that if you go for her, the guys she brought back will be shooting you with everything. They after all don’t want to die again. Although the less imaginative, the Siren is still a great foe who may seem like not much of a challenge. Just imagine how many guys you killed, and how many she will be bringing back. The Siren, doesn’t scare me as much as the other Heavy Hitters but if you fear the paranormal then I’m sure your going to need a new pair of underwear after you’ve dealt with her.

So far these are all the Heavy Hitter’s that have been announced. If more come out, keep an eye on this post. For an even closer look at each Heavy Hitter make sure to check out the videos on 2K Games youtube account. Till next time, I hope you enjoyed! Feel free to leave comments on which seems like your favorite Heavy Hitter so far, and what else you are looking forward too when Bioshock Infinite releases on October 16, of this year.