Brilliant Earth Review

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As nerds, we love to optimize our lives in any way we can. And I know when I decided I was going to propose to my wife, I did *not* feel like picking out a diamond was optimized at all. The industry has long been known to be quite shady (go watch the movie Blood Diamond), and the astonishing prices of diamonds made me feel like there was a gap in the market.

I had heard about lab diamonds, but it wasn’t until recently that I discovered a great company – Brilliant Earth – who has made lab diamonds far more accessible than they used to be, at prices that are a fraction of regular diamonds.

Just as a comparison point, I looked at two carat lab diamonds vs mined diamonds of similar quality, and the difference was $3-4k vs $20-25k. Shocking in my opinion. And for me, there’s something very cool and high tech about a lab created diamond.

Head over to Brilliant Earth, and check out their lab diamond section, where you can filter down what you are looking for and compare against mined diamonds.