Corsair WW T1 Gaming Chair Review

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Corsair is widely known in the IT world, which makes sense since they have by now been around for two decades, and their products usually rank in the high-end category. We have reviewed various Corsair products, from among coolers, keyboards, cases, SSDs, and PSUs, and most of them have left a very good impression on us, so we obviously do have high expectations when it comes to this company. The gaming chair category Corsair wishes to enter is a brand-new battlefield for the company, and it’s getting jam-packed since more and more brands are looking to participate, which means Corsair will have to offer something innovative and solid to make its way through to the top. 

It only takes that first initial glimpse of the T1 Race gaming chair for one to figure that the racing spirit is running through the whole design inspiration here. The covers of the sitting and backrest areas have a diamond-stitched pattern, and the texture is like that of seating surfaces in automobiles.  

The two main materials used in most T1 surfaces are polyurethane foam (cold foam) and PU leather, while hard plastic is utilized for the arms and base. Solid steel is also used, for the frames of the backrest and sitting areas, the gas lift, and some small compartments. The T1 Race gaming chair comes in five different colors (black, blue, red, yellow, and white), with the black version not being combined with another, while all the other color flavors show up as stripes on the left and right side of the sitting and backrest areas, a wide stripe on the backrest, and five triangles on the base of the chair. In the ergonomic section is a lever under the sitting area for height adjustments, and another lever on the right side of the sitting area allows you to adjust the backrest’s reclining angle. 

The armrests are 4D and equipped with three buttons. We can adjust the angle and vertical-horizontal position, and move the armrests towards the front or back. The main parts of the chair are covered by a two-year warranty. Corsair claims that the T1 Race gaming chair is tested for cigarette and match ignition resistance under the 1988 safety regulations. 

We have more than five different gaming and office chairs in our facilities. They all come from different manufacturers, so their differences are notable. When it comes to a chair’s review and evaluation, though, we cannot fully ascribe an objective opinion. There are too many different body types and needs, which often has such chairs leave a different impression across the board, among different users, but we will try to be as expressive as possible. The final decision of whether to buy a chair is always up to the end user and does have to do with one’s budget. A general rule of thumb when it comes to chairs is that you do get what you pay for most of the time, so don’t expect an incredibly affordable chair to be of high quality or have good ergonomics. 

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