Dark Confidant #1 – Ultra Super Street Fighter 4

Hey everyone!  Sorry for the missed week, misunderstood between directions etc. nothing big.  ANYWAYS

Well I was hoping for a bit better turn out from 2 weeks ago, but I got 1 response so I’ll go with what the fan asked for!

As some may and may not know, Street Fighter 4 started the fighting game boom of 2009, and after 2 updated versions, Super Street Fighter 4 is now turning into ULTRA STREET FIGHTER 4 in March 2014.

For a 40 dollar Full-Disc version, it comes with all DLC that has ever been released for the game prior to the new version -OR for 15 bucks, you can update digitally Super Street Fighter 4 or SSF4 Arcade Edition.

Ultra will contain new balancing, new stages, and 5 new fighters, 4 of which are Fan favorites ripped from Street Fighter X Tekken, and 1 who is a completely new fighter never used in Street Fighter at all (Rumors are high the character is a female).

Also recently revealed via Capcom’s Combofiend, Ultra will have 2 new features added to the version, Red Focus and W Ultra.

Red Focus allows the player to spend two bars of meter to upgrade there basic focus attack into a high-armored strike.  Capable of even absorbing an entire super attack from an opposing player (as long as the move doesn’t have armor break properties)

W-Ultra gives the player access to both Ultra 1 and 2 for less damage.

Now what does this mean to different levels of players, new , standard, and “pro”

Pros – Anyone who is picking up Ultra for the first time gets a mix of a deal. For 40 dollars, they can get a great fighting game, with tons of characters they’ve never used, a huge online community, a fighter that anyone born in the 90s SHOULD have heard of and played at least once. It’s flashy, it’s fast, and it looks beautiful with great English voice acting.

Cons- Street Fighter is NOT for the Button mashers. It has no simple/1 button move mode (Something I think should be implemented to help new players like SFXT/UMVC3/Persona 4 Arena has) , nor is it a game where you can really do anything fun to watch just mashing. A mash fighter would something along the lies of Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 *simple mode* , DOA, Tekken, or those want-to-be “fighters” like DBZ/Naruto/Smash/All-Stars where you can do a move just by hitting buttons. Certain fighters have different combos systems where you hit the person once, as long as you know the next button in the combo and hit it quick enough you can get it (Injustice, UMVC3) but “timing” combo systems like Street Fighter, King of Fighters are brutal when it comes to new players.  The players of these games hate online due to the lag and even prefer certain systems and wired controllers because it throws them off.

Pros – Players who know what they’re doing, but are not on the “pro” level, that is anyone on XBLA or PSN or Steam, get a nice change of pace with the 5 new characters, new tweaks, and new styles of play open to have fun online or with friends. New Ultra systems, mechanics, stages and music opens new breath into a game that we’ve been playing almost 4 years now.

Cons – First we bought Street Fighter 4 (60 bucks), then came Super Street Fighter 4 (40 bucks) , then came Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition (40 bucks CD or 15 buck Upgrade), now comes ULTRA Street Fighter 4, (40 bucks CD w/ all Costumes or 15 buck upgrade w/ dlc alone)   That’s almost 200 bucks for 1 game.  Capcom has a history of re-releasing the same game multiple times, but that can be said of any fighting game. (Injustice Ultimate Edition, Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3, Persona 4 Arena Ultimate , Mortal Kombat 9 Komplete Edition, etc) Lets not even get into DLC that is on the CD when we buy it and have to “unlock” it with a purchase.

*Side note for Trophy/Achievement Enthusiasts*

Pros – A new reason to pick up the game again! I know for one I haven’t touched SSF4AE on Playstation since I 100% of it as much as possible (except trials to hell with that), and I can’t wait to pick it up again for Ultra.

Cons – Will the disc format have an entire new set of trophies to add to our level? Or will we just be paying 15 bucks for 5 trophies done in a 1/2 hr like Arcade Edition was?

I for one hope it’s an entire new list like they did when Vanilla SF4 became Super.

Pros -Now we come to the smallest section of the SF4 community.  The players who eat, breathe, and memorize Street Fighter. They know hit boxes, frame data, cross-ups, combo timing, unblockables, use tournament sticks, and the whole shebang.  The best part of Ultra they can see is
A.) New blood to get more money from who enter tournaments and don’t know any better
B.) New characters to break in half and complain about like they own the community about changing this hit box and lower this life and extend this stun etc.

Side note did you know in fighters that characters DO have different life totals, stun, and damage amounts?

Cons – New characters to break in half and complain about like they own the community about changing this hit box and lower this life and extend this stun etc.

But I digress.

When we get down to business what do these new features actually mean for PLAY?
For new players, it gives them something flashy to see when they magically input a move and hook and grow the Fighting Game Community.
For normal and “pro” players, it opens new doors with play styles and it means 1 thing for the viewer – More ways to create hype. And isn’t that what someone watching a match just wants to see?

#1 – Next week: A review of  MARLOW BIGGS: AND THE MASK OF DEATH !
#2 – Bribery Contest Time! – I’ve come across a XBLA Wreckateer and I want my readers to have it!  All you have to do is post in the comments who your main charcter in Street Fighter  is, or if your not a Street Fighter player, who is your main in your fighter of choice? Contest will end next Friday night 11:59 pm