Fez Review

Fez Information

Developer(s) By: Polytron
Publisher(s) By: Trapdoor, Microsoft, and Polytron
Rated: ‘E’ for Everyone
Price: 800 MSP ($10)Release Date: April 13th, 2012
Platform(s): Xbox Live Arcade

As far as 8-bit games go, Fez is beyond many games that I’ve played this year. Featuring a dynamic soundtrack and beautiful visuals, Fez is truly s remarkable game. However, with some glitches Fez is at times upsetting. Through it out all though, Fez is a game that takes from Super Mario 3D Land (3DS) to even 3D Dot Game Heroes (PS3). This puzzle solving game is both challenging and rewarding. For only $10, you receive a full experience in a simple but extravagant package.

The story of Fez revolves around a cube known as the Fez. This magic cube then transforms the entire world of Fez from an 8-bit 2D world to a 3D world. Through this Gomez is taken from level to level to find and complete more cubes so that you can move on. Fez features many puzzles that at times were so challenging that I had to look online to complete them. Don’t get me wrong though, these puzzles were not in any way upsetting. In fact the rewarding feeling you got after was worth the wait. Unfortunately, the headaches I got were from the horrible glitches that occurred. Sadly, Fez features a good amount of glitches. One in particular had rendered my game useless and required me to start a new one. Of course this will most likely be fixed through an upcoming patch but for those who have purchased the game on release date may have suffered from this unfortunate event.

Fez is a beautiful game. Although the graphics are 8-bit, you can’t but welcome the feeling of nostalgia. Fez truly shines, literally with its lighting effects. The visuals really pop out with lighting depth is easily noticeable. Lighting also gave a great realistic tone. Although 8-bit, the 3-D effect of Fez are truly remarkable. Surroundings really do come alive, and the music helps too. The soundtrack of Fez not only fits the game well, but allows for a more full experience. Sound effects aren’t the standard 8-bit sounds. All sound effects were really toned well and allowed for an even further and imaginative experience when playing.

Controls are simple. What’s interesting is the use of 3D twisting. The camera is allowed to virtually swift in 4 different directions, at times however this made controls difficult. Noticeably, things got difficult when your character was not properly facing the right side when twisting. This resulted in awkward positions or your character dying all together because you couldn’t control where to go. Although this was minor of a problem, I couldn’t find anything wrong with controls. Controls were responsive and easy to remember. Buttons worked correctly and timing was perfect. Fez really stood well when implementing the 3D twisting with controls. Besides the minor hiccup, Fez plays well and will bring great memories of past games. After all, Fez can easily be a homage to the classics of before if not its own in the process.

Fez is a great game. It will last you hours and it’s definitely worth the price. Nostalgia really plays a big part in Fez. Many will love it for that, and other will love it for the unique and modern twists it presents. Although, I’ve had to restart a game I can easily say it was sorta worth it. Fez is noticeably different and it shows with each gameplay. There is lots to do and lots you will miss. In the end Fez was a fun and should definitely be picked up, especially if your looking for something to play this summer.

A review code was provided for reviewing purposes.