Galaxy S20 Review

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Of Samsung’s three new Galaxy S20 5G phones, the smallest, cheapest Galaxy S20 is my favorite. It’s just as stuffed with top-shelf features as the Galaxy S20 Plus and S20 Ultra, from its tack-sharp screen to advanced camera skills. But apart from screen and body size, the differences between S20 models are almost negligible. Of course, there are people who will want the S20 Plus and even Ultra instead, but for specific, personal reasons, and not out of a marked advantage in tools or performance. And yes, I do mean the Ultra’s 108-megapixel camera and 100x zoom.

I’m a big fan of the Cloud Blue color of my review unit, the way its 6.2-inch edge-to-edge display makes the phone feel pocketable, maneuverable and easy to use one-handed. I mostly love the camera results, although I wish I could get closer to my subject, and there are some issues with autofocus that Samsung is addressing. Processing speeds are great, battery life does it job, and bonus features such as ultrafast wired charging, reverse wireless charging and a 120Hz screen refresh rate give me the warm fuzzies.

It’ll feel too small for some, which is the S20 Plus’ main benefit. You also can’t get a 512GB configuration, and most carriers “only” support the slower 5G bands known as Sub-6. (Verizon is a notable exception. Its faster mmWave S20 5G will arrive in Q2.) In some countries, including the UK and Australia, the S20 is the only variant with a cheaper 4G-only option.

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