GTRacing Pro Gaming Chair Review

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TRacing makes affordable gaming chairs that support good posture with impressive comfort and durability. The GTRacing Pro Series is their most popular chair collection. Priced between $150 $180, these models come with 2D armrests, deep recline, and a range of styles. This review looks at the standout gaming chairs in the GTRacing Pro Series collection.

GTRacing has been making cheap gaming chairs since 2015. That makes them one of the oldest gaming chair brands still relevant today. In the sub-$200 gaming chair category, GTRacing Pro Series chairs have been among Amazon’s best-sellers for a few years. Below, we outline what qualities make Pro Series chairs stand above competing cheap chairs.

The GTRacing Pro Series ranks #2 behind Homall as the best cheap gaming chair on the market. Homall ranks #1 because it’s Amazon’s best selling gaming chair. The GTRacing Pro Series ranks #2 by offering better value for money. 

The Pro Series beats Homall in a few areas. First, it has adjustable armrests, instead of fixed ones. Second, it’s a larger chair with a wider and deeper seat. Third, the Pro Series is more durable. When you buy direct, GTRacing will give you an extended two-year warranty. No other cheap chair can match that length of protection.

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