Herman Miller Aeron Review

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The Herman Miller Aeron is a top-tier office chair with a mesh back that scored close to the top of the group. However, it couldn’t quite clinch an award. This chair is very comfortable and has a ton of adjustable features but wasn’t quite as universally approved by our judges when it came to comfort as the top models. It has a great warranty and seems very well-built, all while arriving completely assembled. Unfortunately, it does have one of the highest retail prices of the group.

Next, we ranked and scored the various adjustments each of these office chairs has to adjust to a wide range of different body types and sitting positions. This metric is responsible for 35% of the Herman Miller Aeron’s final score and it again did well but is lacking some of the adjustability that the premium models have. In this metric, we compared how much you adjust the chair back, armrest, seat, and reclining resistance, as well as if you can use all of these adjustments to sit in the recommended ergonomic position. We again had a large panel of judges try out each chair for this last test, all of varying heights and preferred sitting styles.

Overall, the Aeron is a good chair that won’t disappoint most people and offers plenty of ventilation on your back. The fit isn’t as universally acclaimed as other models but its price tag puts it out of most people’s budgets.

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