Mario Golf: World Tour Will Have DLC

Looks like Mario Golf: World Tour will be receiving DLC. Three packs are expected to release within three months of the games launch. The first pack, the Mushroom Pack, will release on May 2nd. Two other DLC packs are planned, the Flower Pack will release in late May while the Star Pack will release in June.

Each pack will include two additional 18-hole courses and new playable characters. You’ll receive Toadette with the Mushroom Pack, Nabbit with the Flower Pack, and Rosalina with the Star Pack. Each DLC pack will cost $5.99, in addition a Season Pass will be available on May 2 for $14.99 and will grant you access to all three packs. Season Pass holders will also receive a playable Gold Mario at the time of purchase. Gold Mario will also be made available if you purchase each pack separately however you will not receive the character until the final pack is purchased. Trial versions of each pack will also be made available.

Mario Golf: World Tour will release on May 2 2014 for the Nintendo 3DS. So what do you think? I’m sure if this works well, we’ll see more DLC content for future Nintendo games.