Ride1Up Roadster v2 Review

E-bikes are a huge convenience for those who commute on bikes, but it can be difficult to find one that isn’t bulky and looks somewhat like a normal bike. Enter the Ride1Up Roadster v2.

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Whereas most e-bikes are massive and difficult to maneuver, the Roadster v2 solves for all the usual issues and still delivers what you would want from an e-bike. It looks like a normal commuter bike, but has plenty of power and solid battery life. It rides very well, with plenty of pep in it’s step. It’s also not as expensive as lot of e-bikes on the market, which is a huge plus.

It doesn’t have a super informative readout on it’s LCD, and the battery isn’t removable, but those are the only cons in our opinion.

We highly recommend checking out the Roadster v2 if you’re in the market for an e-bike!

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