SexLikeReal Review

We’ve gone through numerous VR sites, but we’ve found SexLikeReal to be the best in terms of quality and content.

However you like to search and filter for your VR porn content, SexLikeReal will have you covered, as you can cut up the huge catalog pretty much anyway you like. That in itself is more a necessity on SLR than it would be on some rival sites, simply because it has so many scenes to filter through each time. Imagine just scrolling through 6,000+ scenes to find something you wanted: it’d be fine, but you’d never find lots of scenes you’d probably enjoy.

What this means is you can filter by studio, performers, niches, newness, tags, best sellers, your own favourites, and videos included in the Premium subscription option (more on that below).

Those filters are all additive, as well, so if you select a particular studio, then a particular tag, it’ll only show you results from that studio for that tag, for example.

Whether you’re first accessing Sex Like Real on a desktop or mobile, the design, navigation, categorization and other options have been well thought out, and are clearly geared around making things easier for users.

For example, on each video, there’s a play in DEO VR and play in SLR app button, which means you have the option of just hitting that and the video will start playing in your app of choice.

Naturally, both streaming and download options are available for all scenes – and as always, you’ll get a better resolution from downloaded scenes than you will streaming them directly.

While we’d normally give you an exact number of scenes available on a VR porn site, there are so many on SexLikeReal that it’s almost not even worthwhile. Does it matter if there are 12,100 or 12,300 scenes to watch? Either way it’s a hell of a lot of VR porn.

Currently, the maximum resolution is 5K (there’s the rare remastered 6K scene hidden away, but not many), and there are around 53 different studios’ content included in the SLR Premium subscription. That’s about half the total number of studios available on the site or in the app.

The quality of the scenes themselves depends on which company produced them, but in some cases SexLikeReal has worked with the companies to improve the base level quality.

The result of the huge selection of scenes and studios, is a pretty wide variance in quality – even between scenes that are both ‘4K’ or both ‘5K’ viewed on the same playback and codec settings.

It’s not something that’s SLR’s fault, but it is worth thinking about which scenes you are truly interested in if you’re considering the Premium option, instead (or as well as) the pay-per-download route.

The SexLikeReal experience truly is one of the best going overall – though it’s worth noting that VRBangers no longer provides its ultra-high resolution scenes to SexLikeReal, and the catalog can change, depending on whether deals with existing sites expire or not.

However, the SexLikeReal app is a fully-integrated affair that provides access to every scene available and integrates pretty much any other feature you could want from the mobile and desktop experience. It’s the most similar experience in viewing VR porn than you can get to viewing a regular porn tube site, except that all the videos are high-quality and full-length.

There’s really no doubt that SexLikeReal is a quality option in the adult VR world, and the flexibility that it offers by having both pay per download and a subscription option will make it appealing to many users that just want to sign up for free and have a look around.

When they do, they’ll find over 14,652 VR porn scenes – albeit of variable quality – and an excellent app that works in any headset and has a crazily good set of filters and features to make short work of working through that catalog.

The Premium subscription itself offers undeniable value on the sheet number of scenes alone, but the caveat there is that you won’t find many ‘big name’ brands in the list of included sites. If that doesn’t bother you, $30 per month for thousands of VR porn scenes is pretty much a no brainer. You can always purchase the odd individual scene from other non-included studios anyway.

The only thing it’s truly missing right now is a selection of interactive (teledildonic) VR porn scenes, but we’re pretty sure that this will arrive too, in time. Besides, with a free app that has some full length free scenes to watch, there’s really not a lot to lose in trying it out in the meantime.

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