Sharknado: The Video Game Announced

Anyone who has seen Sharknado knows that it’s a terrible sci-fi film that brought joyous laughter in its excellent display of horrible graphics, storyline and its overall theme. Now the movie is getting a video game adaption set to release soon for the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch with the official title of, Sharknado: The Video Game. 

Produced by Majesco Entertainment, Sharknado: The Video Game is going to be in the runner genre, similar to Sonic Dash, Z-Run, or Temple Run. It’s also been noted that if the game is successful on the App Store, then we may see a release on consoles.

Aside from jumping off the shark’s backs to reach platforms and avoiding them through the flooded streets, players have the option of wielding a broadsword and chainsaw to attack (though I doubt it’s anywhere as sexy as Lollipop Chainsaw). However, I believe there is concern for a game to be developed in such a short time. Any developer can tell you that producing a game in a short time manner will result in a poor quality video game.

Game Designer Frank Cifaldi has stated in the VentureBeat that the game is “‘very much in the spirit of the films: ridiculous, overblown, yet oddly sincere. We can’t wait for fans to sink their teeth into it.’” What else can you do in the game? Avoid death by feeding fish to angry sharks, collect official Sharknado trading cards, and snatch that chainsaw to dive into the heart of the Sharknado. We will find out soon as the game is set to release before Sharnado 2 does on July 30th, 2014.