Staying at Home: Instacart Review

Let’s be honest – pandemic or not, getting groceries delivered to your house is a huge help for us gamers. When you are in that massive online raid, the last thing you want to do is stop and run errands.

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Enter Instacart. There are tons of services now for this kind of thing, but we’ve been a big fan of Instacart for a while now. Other services don’t offer a wide range of stores to choose from, with proper inventory and ease of use.

The shops to choose from vary by location, but I frequently use Vons, Gelson’s, and Albertsons. But even Costco is available, which I have never seen on any other service. Seeing as Costco is one of the most stressful in-store experiences I’ve ever had, having a delivery option is a dream.

We also get a lot of use out of their Ralphs “Delivery Now” feature, where you get free delivery within an hour as long as your cart is $10 or more. Individual items cost a little more with that, but it’s worth it if you need a small cart worth of groceries.

Non-subscription prices start at $3.99 for orders over $35. If you do subscribe to Instacart Express, it’s $99 a year or $9.99 a month, which replaces the delivery fee. So if you are using the service frequently, it’s well worth subscribing.

Go sign-up now for same-day delivery on all the products you love!

Happy gaming!