Super Mario Land 3D Review

After Nintendo had a rough start to providing excellent games for their new handheld device, the 3DS, they are finally providing the true 3DS experience with their legendary mascot Mario. Super Mario 3D Land provides the same Mario formula you all love, but with a lot of additional twists. With a diversity of levels and enemies Mario is like never before, and in stunning 3D. The graphics are wonderful, and the overall experience is brilliant. Perspective is the key to playing in Super Mario 3D Land and it makes this game stand out from the many previous Mario games out there. Should you buy a 3DS for Super Mario 3D Land? Read on ahead.

The story of Super Mario 3D Land is simple. Peach is taken away from Bower and Mario goes out to save her. Mario must go through eight different and unique worlds to get to Peach. Each world and the levels within them are all different. Among some of the best I’ve ever seen in a Mario game, are playable. Even after you’ve completed the eight worlds, there is still way more to do. At the end you’ll be given the option to enter a Special pipe that takes you to eight more worlds. Containing some new levels or the same one’s in the not special worlds. Regardless, they are different with harder enemies and more strategic platforms. Through the game you’ll also encounter Luigi, who was taken by Bowser’s henchmen. Once you have saved him, he becomes a playable character. A good thing about Luigi is that he feels different when you are playing him. This gave the game a new feel and take.

The graphics are beautiful. The 3DS can really show this off. It offers great visual effects from lava and water, to even great lighting. One particular example was when Mario was heading up a castle to Bowser and the rain was pouring down while the sticks, light with fire, shine on the walls as Mario passes by. The animations are spectacular and give each character their own individual looks.  The 3D effects were among the best on the 3DS. Mario really comes to live, so close that at times I felt like pinching him out. Perspective plays a big part in this game. It may seem like you can jump the bricks but turn on the 3D and you’ll notice the bottom brick is towards you and the top brick is away from you. This made things more challenging and fun at the same time. It’s different and works really well, swaying away from the nostalgic reaction you would usually get from Mario games. The sound effects and music is great. They delivered great sound effects of the rain and lava, too classical Mario tunes or the ear shattering Bowser cries.

Super Mario 3D Land feels great. The controls are like previous Mario games. Although the animation is in 3D the analog stick makes everything easy. The camera was never shy, that it would sway away and not follow Mario. Everything felt good to the point that Mario may have been a little too easy. I felt at times, I was just running through things too easily. Although I found this often, it didn’t change my opinion towards the game. Mario is fun, and that’s what I felt the true experience should have been and it was. I was willing to let myself loose into the 3D world and I was “beastly”.  To be honest, I couldn’t find any problems with Super Mario 3D Land. It was that good and perfect.

In the end, Super Mario 3D Land is a must own for any owner of a 3DS. In fact if you’re on the edge of buying a 3DS, this game is definitely the reason why you should buy it. With literally hours of fun there is nothing that can go wrong when playing Super Mario 3D Land. It’s that good, and deserves a spot with your other games. Even after the main story line I have played countless hours trying to collect the many bonuses and levels that were unobtainable in the story line. The added Luigi playable character is a plus too. Super Mario 3D Land is my favorite 3DS game, and hopefully it will be yours too.

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