The Wolf Among Us Episode 2 – Smoke & Mirrors Review

The time is upon us again, Adventure Fans! Episode 2 of The Wolf Among Us has arrived and promises even more of the gritty underbelly of the Fables universe. This time we explore what is essentially the Red Light district to find out what happened to Faith in episode one. Will they be able to continue with the seediness that pervaded the first episode and, more importantly, will Bigby be able to retain his humanity? Time to rip it open and find out.

This episode picks up right after the twist ending of episode one and proceeds to throw further twists in right off the bat in the first 10 minutes. The game gives you various points at which you can choose to either be big and bad or take the moral high ground. Also joining us this episode is Bluebeard, mentioned only in passing last episode, he appears to be coming to the fore from this episode forward as someone who could be a very bad influence old Bigby and someone who could make life very interesting in Fabletown in general. The hunt for our now serial killer will take Bigby to run ins with even the likes of Georgie Porgie, who doesn’t just kiss the girls to make them cry anymore and even a run-in with Beast in a sleazy rent-by-the-hour hotel. The story charges headlong into moral gray areas as well as casting deep doubts on whether Bigby can keep it together or not. They even manage to hide moral choices into areas one wouldn’t think should be affected by one.

Since this is episode two of the series, don’t expect the controls to drastically change course in terms of layouts. The reticle is still context sensitive and highly informative, but tries not to be spoilerific as it was in Telltale’s other games from The Walking Dead season one and before. Quick time events are once again very smooth and also challenging, but not controller tossing level.