The Wolf Among Us – Episode Four – In Sheep’s Clothing Review

Welcome back, Adventure Fans! After a bit of delay, I’m back with a review of episode four of The Wolf Among Us. With “A Crooked Mile” coming to a crooked close, will Bigby and Snow be able to hold things together as they hunt down the true villain? Time to bandage up and get to work.

When last we left Bigby, he was battered, bruised, and nearly killed by the villain pulling the strings behind the scenes around Fabletown, or, at least, by his henchmen. As we begin, we’re back in Bigby’s apartment as he and Snow figure out his next moves, while Dr. Swineheart does his best to patch him up. As they wrap things up (no pun intended), Bigby gets a call informing him of an unexpected visitor waiting for him in his office. When he finishes up his meeting, he gets called to settle things with some old friends from last episode. As it turns out, they have a lot of information on our villain and how he manages to control almost all of Fabletown from the shadows. From here, you once again get to make a decision, two locations to investigate. Once you start your investigations, how you handle each is up to you, but will probably affect what will happen in episode five. Once everything is figured out on the streets, final plans are drawn up to figure out how to find and confront the real enemy.

Once again the controls, while primarily I use a controller with this game, the controls are still very smooth and, to keep things consistent with previous episodes, not much changes. Very few QTEs to speak of in this episode, but the controls are highly responsive when they appear.

Graphics are still going with the “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” mentality, but that is not a bad thing. The lighting and shading certainly keep things set in the right mood in each scene and the comic book/noir look keeps working for the game. Once again, if you so choose, Bigby’s wolf transformations (gradual stages up to and including his wolfman form) look great and somehow natural as he goes from man to beast.

Telltale continues to bring every big gun they have when it comes to the sound department and it shows. From the visceral sounds of Dr. Swineheart’s emergency house call surgery to every word uttered by every character, the game sounds terrific. If Telltale were to ever somehow lose Jared Emerson-Johnson, I’m not sure if they could find anyone else that can make the music that manages to fit their games so well.