Trials Evolution Review

Trials Evolution

Developer(s) By: Redlynx
Publisher(s) By: Microsoft Stuidos
Rated: E10+
Price: 1200 MSP ($15)
Release Date: April 18th, 2012
Platform(s): Xbox Live Arcade

I’ve heard a lot of good things about Trials HD. While I never got the chance to play it, I was really looking forward to the sequel that many where waiting for, Trials Evolution. To my surprise, Trials Evolution was far better than I had perceived it to be. In fact, I immediately got into the game and absolutely loved it. Trials Evolution is truly an evolutionary arcade game. Taking content to a whole new level Trials Evolution is without a doubt worth the 1200MSP ($15). Featuring a wide range of vehicles and maps, to even going as far as to include online, Trials Evolution was furious and fast paced.

Trials Evolution takes you track after track from up in the sky to down below the earth. The various and unique challenges within each track is at times breathtaking. Trials Evolution literally has a different challenge in every level. With over 30 tracks, Trials Evolution offers a lot to the consumer. In spite of that, Trials Evolution also offers various cosmetic styles in the Garage, as well as an online mode that is worth the purchase of Trials Evolution alone. Trials Evolution offers various modes from easy to hard, along with speed selection and various leaderboard opportunities. There’s a lot to do in Trails Evolution, that playing for a few minutes will most likely become too hard. The added bonus of playing each track with an indication of your fellow Xbox live friends is also a fun and a great competitive feature.  In real time you can try and beat your previous scores or your fellow friend’s scores as you race down the tracks; you will either be passing or falling behind their indication. Although the game can easily be completed in a few hours, you will still find yourself going back to complete various tasks that require more dedication and skills.

The controls are challenging, but in a good way. I’m sure many will find themselves frustrated, but keep in mind that Trials Evolution would be obviously way too easy without them. In its defense, Trials Evolution is based primarily around its controls. The whole point is to complete a track with little to no mistakes and also in a fast time. It’s at times difficult to adjust and level out the bike while it is falling toward the earth or hill, but it’s without a doubt challenging fun! It takes some skill and a few playthroughs before getting the hang of it. The controls are very sensitive and responsive. Press the gas, and use the left analog stick to control the angle of your motorist. So although Trails is a bit difficult, it’s very simple to play. The overall feeling when completing a track with no faults is a feeling like no other. Given the amount of time I had put into a specific track, I found that upon competition my heart was pounding. Trials Evolution plays beautifully and although it’s at times difficult, the controls are in no way faulty. They are exactly the way they should be, perfect and responsive.

Trials Evolution is visually stunning. The tracks are vibrant and highly detailed. Lighting matches very well with each track making it brighter when in the air and extremely dark when underground. A few hiccups from texture pop ins from time to time but nothing distracting. It’s also worth noting that Trails Evolutions menu is organized and easy on the eyes. Aside from that music is probably the okay factor in Trails Evolution. It’s simply, ok. The adrenaline and rushing feeling you get when playing isn’t matched well with the country/rock nd roll. I would maybe have liked the music to be faster paced and spontaneous as the tracks. Sure the music fits the overall theme of motor biking, but that may be also generalizing the sport. In all Trials Evolution is dazzling to the eyes but not ear throbbing.

Online may not the heart of Trials, but it’s definitely the blood. Taking you into three multiplayer options, Supercross, Trials and Hardcore Trails; Trials Evolution offers a robust and energetic multiplayer that will have you trying to beat the competition. Supercorss takes you up against four players as you race side by side in an effort to beat them first to the finish line. This is where things get interesting and fun as you watch online players either eat dirt or tear you to shreds. I found it funny when I saw players fall flat on the ground after the “GO” in the beginning of each game. Trials and Trials Hardcore take you through various levels putting you up against ghost players as you try and beat their score. The more points you earn through each level the higher chance you have at winning after several matches, where your scores are then added up. Hardcore mode takes you simply on harder tracks as the Trails mode takes you on easier tracks. Online is a blast to play, and it definitely adds a bit more to the overall experience. If you find yourself bored with the single player then heading online should breathe some fresh air into the game.

Overall, Trials Evolution is a wonderful game. If you’ve played the previous game, Trails HD, there is no reason for you to up the level with Evolution. If you have never played Trials HD, like myself, there is still a lot to find worth wild with Trials Evolution. It’s both fun and energetic; definitely worth the 1200 MSP. Providing a ton of content, Trials Evolution will please you for quite a while. With future DLC planned, it’s safe to even say that Trials Evolution may be played constantly. From the tracks in the hills to the tracks on a building bridge, Trails Evolution is a fun game worth playing and owning.