Trine 2 Review

In the years that I have been playing video games, I have never stumbled upon something so original and visually beautiful then Trine 2. Unfortunately, I never got the chance to play the first installment, but playing Trine to understand Trine 2 is unnecessary. Regardless, my point is that Trine 2 is visually complex that at times I would just gaze at how magnificent and diverse the game is. Requiring the need to use all three characters, Trine 2 delivers on all fronts and then some. Boss battles, puzzles, and diversity are the few things that Trine 2 gives to its players.

Trine 2 is a definite sequel to Trine, meaning the same characters are in play and that it’s assumed that you know what exactly the Trine is. But if you take it as it goes, Trine 2 is pretty straightforward and does not require a playthrough of the first game. The story starts when the Trine is rediscovered and brings together (again) the three characters, Amadeus the wizard, Zoya the thief, and Pontius the knight. Each character is brought together by the Trine who has mysteriously presented itself to them yet again. However, the Trine was used to bring our heroes to Princess Rosabel, who has summoned them to rid the kingdom of all evil. This places you on a quest to defeating snakes, goblins, spiders, and more. In what may not be a complex story, it was easy to follow and even easier to understand. It’s simple, and it works perfectly like that.

The presentation of Trine 2 is remarkable. The combat and controls work very well and deliver a wonderful experience. Each character functions differently, they are each entirely different. The Wizard can conjure spells creating crate(s) or levitating objects to complete an obstacle. The Thief is a stealth character. She uses a bow and arrow to attack enemies from afar and is equipped with a grappling hook to swing from obstacle to obstacle. Last is the Knight, he is the backbone and strength of the group. His purpose, fight the enemy with his sword or brake walls and crates. All three characters are needed to complete puzzles and this implement is easily the game’s greatest feature.

Trine 2 is simply beautiful. Now aside from Skyrim and Rage, Trine 2 is its own kind of beautiful. The lighting effects are dramatic, in a good way. Things really pop out and give a great artistic detail of a true masterpiece. The water effects are absolutely among the best I’ve seen in any game. What Trine 2 does best in its art, is that the screen is filled from top to bottom with content. Leaves, flowers, orbs, veins, and so much more fill Trine 2 and bring out almost everything. The art is so wonderful you’d think that one would easily become distracted; well this is not the case. The world of Trine 2 fits so well with the art that at times I would just gaze for a few seconds to capture the image.

Trine 2 is among one of the best titles I have ever played. I simply loved this game, and I honestly never thought I would. Trine 2 delivers a full fledged experience in under $15. I loved Trine 2, it was everything I could have ever wanted in a game. The stylization and the integration of the characters is a wonderful approach to the game. The voice acting is spectacular and the music brings everything together. Trine 2 is a definite buy, the only thing I could ask more is for either DLC or Trine 3.