What We Know About Assassins Creed 3

Who doesn’t want to be an Assassin? Knowing how to stay stealth, silent, and being able to kill anyone while no one would know if it was you. With the ability to climb houses, trees, mountains and jump off them and land perfectly in a placed haystack.Assassins Creed 3 has it all.

There isn’t much to know about the game yet, but from what I do know, is awesome. In the video below you see a lot of new and interesting weapons like a bow and arrow, a new hidden blade, a native American looking battle axe, flintlock pistols, along with new battle tactics like taking cover behind an enemy and sliding. Also on the main site there is information about some famous characters in Assassins creed 3. Both General George Washington and Benjamin Franklin will be in the game with Benjamin Franklin being an inventor, scientist, and author. There will also be the ruthless general Charles lee who in history has played in some of the bloodiest battles. There are more things I haven’t mentioned, but you can easily check it out yourself on the site or in the video below.

Something entirely new in the Assassins Creed franchise is that Assassins Creed 3 takes place in the 18th century during the American Revolution.  Assassins Creed 3 will have you playing a man named Conner, whose mother is Native American while his father is British. The reason why Conner is an Assassin is because the bloody revolution draws ever nearer, and Conner’s clan is threatened by a powerful group seeking to crush and control the thirteen colonies. Shocked by the devastation of Conner’s village, he then pledges his life to the cause of freedom; that is where the game will start. Players will be allowed to explore the Frontier which is set between New York and Boston. Other noticeable locations will include Lexington, Concord and Connor’s Mohawk village. There is also the rumor that the Frontier map is 1.5 times larger than the map featured in Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood. Also in the previous game, Brotherhood, the maximum characters on screen was 100, but in Assassins Creed 3 there will be 1000 characters on screen, and they will be in real time on screen.